Essential Ski Gear

Getting ready for a ski trip can be daunting, especially for those new to the sport. Not only do you have to plan, but you also have to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to get around the resort. This list will help you pack like a pro, filled with the essential items every beginner should have.

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to snowy destinations for their winter getaway, where they can enjoy the fresh mountain air, stunning scenery, and activities that are sure to keep them entertained. One of the most critical factors you should consider when planning your trip is the right gear. Having the right equipment can help ensure you have the best possible experience.

Waterproof Ski Jacket

A waterproof ski jacket is one of the essential items you should pack for your trip. Having the proper equipment can help ensure you’ll be warm and dry throughout your stay. Aside from being comfortable, a good ski jacket should also have plenty of pockets to keep your items secure.

Ski Helmet

A helmet is essential to any ski outfit, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total beginner. Since helmets are essential for protecting the brain, it’s important to ensure they fit correctly. One of the most important factors you should consider when buying a helmet is the fit. It should fit well and not be too big for your child.

Waterproof Gloves

When talking about snow, you’re also referring to water. Unfortunately, many people forget that waterproof gloves are required when skiing. Traditional gloves tend to become wet and will make your hands cold.

Ski Goggles

When the sun reflects off the mountain snow, you must have high-quality sunglasses or ski goggles. These are a must-have for any trip, especially during sunny days in Colorado. Although most ski goggles come with various features, such as anti-wind and interchangeable lenses, you must be careful with what you buy.

Mid/Inner Layers

The mid-layer is one of the most critical pieces of clothing you should have for your trip, as it’s designed to trap the body heat needed to keep you warm. Various types of mid-layers are available, such as synthetic and tight-fitting. To keep the moisture buildup away, ensure the garment is not too hot or too cold. 

Base Layer

A thermal base layer is also important to ensure you’re comfortable during times of extreme cold. It can help remove moisture from your body and keep you dry all day long. One of the most commonly used materials for this purpose is merino wool, as it’s incredibly lightweight and doesn’t get smelly.

Polyester base layers tend to get a bit on the pongy side after a few days. With the use of antibacterial materials, such as merino, you can wear this garment for the entire trip duration.


Travel Tips for Busy Times of the Year

Getting stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the airport can be very stressful, especially during the holiday season. Fortunately, some ways can help make traveling easier during this time of year.

Ideally, one should try to travel during quieter times. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want, which might mean traveling during peak seasons. Here are a few tips for traveling during the busiest times of the year.

Have a Plan

Before you leave, make sure that you have a game plan ahead of time. Having a plan will allow you to plan and avoid getting stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the airport. Having a backup plan will also help you in case something unfortunate happens.

Have Realistic Expectations

If you’re hoping for the best and preparing for the unexpected, traveling will be a more enjoyable experience. Having more realistic expectations will help you get through whatever happens during your trip.

Before you leave, make certain you have a copy of your travel insurance policy. This will allow you to easily identify coverage if something unfortunate happens. A clear understanding of your budget will also help set expectations for the trip.

Have a Source of Entertainment

Although most planes have in-flight entertainment, downloading a new playlist or movie is still a good idea to pass the time. You can also bring other items, such as headphones with noise-canceling capabilities.

Monitor Your Reservations

Use an app like Flighty or watch your flight closely for possible last-minute changes. It’s also important to monitor the status of your airline’s operations, as it could affect your trip. If the company struggles on Tuesday, you’ll likely experience delays or cancellations on Wednesday.

Aim for Early Times

The data shows that the later you leave, the more likely you will get delayed. One way to improve your odds is to book a flight that departs earlier.

Travel Light

One of the most common reasons why people get delayed is due to the lines at the airport. During the holidays, this issue only gets worse. We recommend traveling with only one carry-on bag, as it is cheaper, faster, easier, and frees one up to keep track of all of their belongings.

It’s also a great way to avoid the lines at the airport during the holiday season. If you’re planning on traveling with one carry-on bag, walk directly to the security checkpoint instead of waiting in line.

Essential Items Needed For Your Ski Trip

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced at skiing, there is certain essential ski gear that you should bring with you. These include waterproof outer layers and warm base layers. This guide will give you a list of all the necessary items for a successful ski trip and some packing tips.


To stay warm and dry on the mountain, you should layer up. You should have three layers: outer, mid-layer, and base layers. These will keep you warm and protected from the elements.A good pair of waterproof and windproof ski pants and jackets will keep you warm and protected from the elements. You’ll also want to ensure that they have features that allow you to breathe easily, such as armpit vents.An additional layer between your base layer and the outer shell will keep your core warm. If you’re planning on going somewhere with a lot of snow, you might opt for a puffy vest or a warm fleece jacket.

A long-sleeve top layer will also be an excellent addition to your bag if you wear a pair of leggings. Most people prefer a quarter zip neck as they allow you to adjust to the weather. People are also partial to merino wool as it is odor-free and has an excellent sweat-wicking capability. If you’re planning on spending less money on a pair of expensive ski pants and jackets, you can still get high-quality equipment at a great price by renting from brands such as Spyder and Perfect Moment.


Besides the usual accessories, such as gloves and goggles, skiers should also bring a helmet to ensure their safety on the slopes.


Renting on-site equipment may be the ideal option if you need to become an experienced skier. It’s more eco-friendly and convenient than carrying your gear with you when you’re flying.

Après-ski clothing

When you’re in the mood for some après-ski fun, you’ll want to pack warm clothes that will keep you comfortable and warm during your time away from the slopes. Some of these include a pair of warm pants, a pair of comfortable shirts, a pair of warm socks, and a beanie.


You should bring your ski pass, some cash, and a credit or debit card to pay for your lunch. You should also pack other items that will keep you hydrated, warm, and free of sunburn, such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, tissues, and lip balm.

The Best Ways To Travel On A Budget

Getting away is an essential part of life for many people. For others, it’s about exploring new places and taking pictures of their surroundings. But there’s more to traveling than just going somewhere. It allows one to experience life differently and avoid the monotonous routines of daily life. 

The freedom to travel allows one to explore new and exciting places, and it lets one experience different perspectives and cultures. There are many advantages to traveling, such as it does not require a huge bank account. It’s also possible to give yourself a nice trip with limited resources. Let’s talk about tips for traveling on a budget.  

  1. Stay Away From Peak Season

The peak season for travel is usually when the demand for various services and activities increases. This is when the travel industry capitalizes on school holidays and increases the prices of these services and activities. 

A way to avoid getting caught in the middle of the crowd is to prevent the target group. The travel industry also focuses on providing the best possible service during the lower season. This is because fewer people in the crowd can help make your trip more enjoyable. Another advantage of this period is that it offers more moderate temperatures, which allow people to enjoy outdoor activities.

  1. Book Trips In Advance

If you plan to travel, book your trips in advance. Doing so can help you avoid getting caught at the last minute and extend your trip even though you have a low cash reserve. An important advantage of booking in advance is that it can help you save money on your trip. 

For instance, most airlines will give you a discount on your flights if you book them several weeks or months before the scheduled departure date. In addition, you can avoid high transaction fees and exchange rates during the peak season. Another benefit of this method is that it allows you to enjoy a hassle-free trip by avoiding the long lines at the airport.

  1. Travel Insurance

One of the most critical factors you should consider when traveling on a budget is the purchase of travel insurance. Although it may seem like an extra expense, it can help you save money if something happens. Before a trip, certain things can always happen that can affect the quality of the experience. For instance, if the flight is canceled, your baggage might get lost, and you might get sick. Having travel insurance can help ensure that the trip is not ruined.

  1. Public Transportation

Getting public transportation can save you money. It is cheaper than hiring a taxi or an emotional ride to your destination or the city. If you are planning on traveling on a road trip, you can use the empty seats in your rental car to make use of the other passengers. Carpooling can also help you save money, as you can get a few extra dollars to help buy gas for the trip.

Why You Should Visit London This Year

Whether you frequently experience wanderlust or are a homebody through and through, there is a long list of destinations you must see in your lifetime, ranging from exotic and rural to urban and somewhat familiar. This year, make it a point to visit London, the stunning and historic capital city of England.

If you are not quite convinced that this is the right destination for you, here are some reasons why you should visit London this year:

Airfares are much cheaper now. These days, roundtrip fares from the East Coast can be found in the $500 range, with some as low as $400, depending on the season and travel deals that are available at the time of booking. Although it may sound a bit strange or unappealing at first, consider planning your visit for an off-season, such as spring or fall, to ensure you are getting the best rates possible. The weather will likely be more pleasant than you anticipate.

If you are interested in learning more about why now is the perfect to travel to London, please visit Raffi Khorchidian’s website.

London Restaurants to Check Out in 2017

If you are traveling to London this year, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options that you are faced with — which season you want to travel during, where to stay when you arrive, which landmarks to see and, of course, where to eat.

Luckily, 2017 has already brought forth some remarkable new restaurants in London with expansive and eclectic menus, ranging from classic Italian cuisine and variations of Thai food to revived restaurants that were once staples in the London of times past.

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Whiskey Review: Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask

Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask is easily one of the best whiskies I have ever tasted. Winner of the World Whiskies Awards best single malt in 2014, this whiskey delivers simple yet bold and balanced flavors. It is easy to tell why this whiskey is constantly at the top of the short list of best whiskies in the world.


The River of Derwent in Tasmania, Australia is the birthplace of Tasmanian Whisky as we know it today. The port city of Hobart was established by the british in 1804 and quickly became a hotspot for distilleries. By 1824 there were already 16 legal distilleries in operation in Hobart, and there were more illegal distilleries than anyone could count or keep track of. Just 14 years later the governor implemented a prohibition on distilling that lasted until the 1990s.

Sullivans Cove was established in 1994 and began legally distilling whiskies in the heart of Tasmanian whiskey country. It did not take long for Sullivans Cove to establish itself as one of the premier whiskey makers in the world by using natural ingredients and sticking true to Tasmanian heritage.

On the Nose

The strong scent of maple syrup will be the first thing you notice from the French Oak. Less intense notes of pine, ginger, and cinnamon complement the sweet tones of maple beautifully. Hints of pineapple and a distinct scent of grapefruit can be picked up as well.

In the Mouth

The palate is spicy towards the front and gradually moves to a sweeter aftertaste. The tastes of ginger and white pepper are abundant and pack a punch. More sweet flavors move on as it moves back on the tongue with bold flavors of honey and apple taking over.


This whiskey finishes with a beautiful mixture of orange rind and caramel that keeps bringing you back for more. It is the perfect ending to a wonderfully crafted whiskey.

The Sullivan Cove French Oak is a masterfully balanced whiskey that is a joy to drink. Each flavor comes through at the right time to compliment the flavor before it and set you up for what comes next. The sweet notes of maple, honey, and apple combined with the subtle tones of cinnamon, pepper, and ginger create an autumn scene. This whiskey would be enjoyable anywhere and at any time, but I would most like to have it sitting by a campfire in the middle of the autumn months while the sun is setting.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Pairing

Pairing a great wine with a delicious meal is a science, and some people dedicate their lives to perfecting that science. There are three general food guidelines when it comes to pairings: what food is being prepared, how that food is cooked, and what sauces or flavors will be used on the food. The question many people ask is, “Should I pair my food with my wine or my wine with my food?” I’m a firm believer in trying both methods and finding out which one works for you, but in my experience I’ve enjoyed cooking around a wine because it is easier for me to season the food as I go. I like to break the flavors down into three categories: Delicate, Earthy/Hearty, and Meaty/Spicy/Pungent. The goal is to pair a wine and food within the same category.


The most common delicate wines are Riesling and Sauvignon blanc, and they are considered two of the three most common white wines along with chardonnay. Leafy greens and vegetables are the perfect pairing for either of these delicate whites. When pairing with a protein, it is best to go with a flaky fish such as salmon that has been poached or steamed to a medium temperature. Lemon based sauces and dressings will bring out the flavor of the fish and the wines to create the perfect balance.

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