About Raffi Khorchidian

Raffi Khorchidian has a passion for travel, and is constantly on the move for both business and personal pleasure. The time he has spent exploring the world has exposed Raffi to a variety of life perspectives and cultures. He has developed a deep, particular appreciation for cultural cuisine and spirits.

For Raffi, traveling presents the opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, further develop intelligence and improve sociability. Similar to many philosophers during the Age of Enlightenment, Raffi understands that travel strengthens human society through the practice of commerce and interaction. That is why much of his travel is centered on experiencing the regional cuisine, wine and whiskey offering of each city.

Through the consumption of food and drink, you can get a much deeper understanding of a country’s culture and people. Raffi Khorchidian is a firm believer that to truly understand a culture, you need to understand its cuisine.

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